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The DSLR will probably die. Are mirrorless the future of large standalone cameras?

People often ask me, given the improvement and ubiquity of cell phones, whether DSLRs survive. This actually entails two slightly…

Eurographics keynote slides

I gave a keynote talk at Eurographics where I shared my thoughts about the field of computational photography. It’s a longer…

Halide talk

  I recently gave a talk about our programming language and compiler for image processing, Halide. Click here for the…

Do Good Research

Some thoughts about how to do research and find good problems to work on. Click here for the slides

Slides from my Siggraph talk about computational photography

My thoughts about the successes and areas for growth in computational photography. Click here. 

No telephoto on cell phones

A conversation with Marc Levoy unlocked one thing that has puzzled me for a while: why don’t we see cell…

A perfect flat lens with metamaterials

A new Science article demonstrates an ultra flat lens made of metamaterials that is as sharp as physically possible, has…

Why video compression fails on confettis

Excellent educational video describing the challenges caused by independent movements for video compression.  

This camera shows you a similar picture instead of the one you are taking

I love cameras that don’t give you a picture of what you are looking at but instead produce a derivative….

Project idea: Automatic composite portrait

There has got to be a fun computational way to do this automatically! Via Petapixel

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