Faculty jobs:Why and how to get them

Slides for an information webinar about faculty jobs from Fall 2022

Can academia compete with the resources of industry? A historical perspective from Computer Graphics.

Slides from a talk I gave for the CSAIL 60th anniversary

Family in a Box

I decided to give a try to the classic “family in a box” genre for our Holiday card. It turned…

Do good research, run a great lab.

Slides from a seminar I gave to a group of postdocs about doing research and running a group.

AI image synthesis is the biggest innovation in image making since photography 200 years ago

Dall-E image generated by Aaron Hertzmann for this blog post. Aaron started with a naive prompt by me which did…

Lidar for autofocus

I have long wondered when and how 3D sensing technology would be involved in photography. It’s interesting to see high-end…

TedFest 2022

I was privileged to speak at TedFest to celebrate Edward Adelson’s birthday and his incredible contributions to Science in general…

I want a light field camera

I want a high-end intercheangeable lens light field camera and I want it now. But the resolution, you tell me….

Lloyd Chambers’s feature Christmas list

Lloyd Chambers, who always has good technical as well as users’ insights about photography has a good list of features…

Ethics and computational photography

Slides from my lecture about ethics and computational photography for my MIT class 6.815.6.865. They provide a zoo of manipulation…

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